U.S. Broadband Usage Growing Exponentially?

The following tweet was received from @FCC on 2009.12.08.

   "Paul Liao, CableLabs- Cable broadband usage growing 40% annually 
    in the United States, heavy users dominate consumption"

The following exercises assume U.S. broadband usage is growing exponentially.

  1. A growth rate of 40% is a growth factor of ________.

  2. Define an exponential function B(t) using the growth factor calculated in the previous exercise and an initial value of 1. The input variable t is the number of years since 2009.

  3. B(5) = ______

  4. Briefly discuss what the B(t) values might represent.

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Created: 08 December 2009 (posted 18 December 2009)

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