Bob Seger's 'Feel Like A Number'

MathBabbler was listening to KCDX (103.1 FM) while driving to SCC at about 5:40am on 18 November 2009 and he heard Bob Seger's "Feel Like A Number." Like A Number

   To workers I'm just another drone
   To Ma Bell I'm just another phone
   I'm just another statistic on a sheet
   To teachers I'm just another child
   To IRS I'm just another file
   I'm just another consensus on the street
   Gonna cruise out of this city
   Head down to the sea
   Gonna shout out at the ocean
   Hey it's me
   And I feel like a number
   Feel like a number
   Feel like a stranger
   A stranger in this land
   I feel like a number
   I'm not a number
   I'm not a number
   Dammit I'm a man
   I said I'm a man
  1. "Feel Like A Number" is from the "Stranger in Town" album, which was released in 1978. The number 1978 has three prime factors that sum to 68 and one of the prime factors is 23. The other two prime factors for 1978 are _____ and _____.

  2. "Feel Like A Number" peaked at number 48 in 1982, which was _________ years after the "Stranger in Town" album was released.

  3. 1982 is bi-prime (or semi-prime) because it has only two prime factors and they are ______ and ______.

  4. The fraction 48/1982 reduced to its lowest form is _____/_____.

  5. The YouTube video clip for "Feel Like A Number" is 225 seconds in duration, which in minutes and seconds is ____:_____.

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Created: 18 November 2009

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