Pavel Popovich is Dead at 78

MathBabbler sent the following tweet to @Rep_Giffords at 7:20am on 4 October 2009.

   @Rep_Giffords Did you see? reported that Pavel Romanovich Popovich died on 29 September 2009. He was born on 5 October 1930. Pavel was the "sixth man to orbit the Earth." described Pavel Popovich as a "Soviet cosmonaut of Ukrainian descent."

According to Pavel, the Earth "belongs to us all."

[side-bar] While growing up, MathBabbler was a Chicago Cubs fan and he remembers a baseball player named Paul Popovich.

  1. No or Yes. Pavel Popovich was the 3!th man to orbit the Earth.

  2. No or Yes. 78 years = 3 score and 3 times 3! years [1 score year = 20 years]

  3. 78 is a sphenic number because it has three unique prime factors and they are ____________________.

  4. No or Yes: log4(78) equals Pi rounded to the nearest hundredth. [Pi = 3.14159265] chk w/WolframAlpha

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