Road Trip From Blythe, CA, To Blytheville, AK calculated the distance between downtown Blythe, California and downtown Blytheville, Arkansas to be 1671.03 miles and that the travel time is 23 hours and 45 minutes. {map}

  1. Rounded the nearest whole mile, the distance between Blythe and Blytheville is ______________ miles.

  2. Rounded the nearest whole hour, Yahoo! calculated the travel time between Blythe and Blytheville to be ______________ hours.

  3. Using estimation, the average travel speed of Yahoo!'s Blythe-to-Blytheville road trip is _______ miles per hour.

  4. Yahoo!'s Blythe-to-Blytheville directions included driving a total of 1332.2 miles on I-40. In other words, ________% of the road trip is driven on I-40. [round to nearest tenth]

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Created: 13 October 2009

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