Math and Science are Important, But Where's the Computing?

One of the losing battles MathBabbler can't quit fighting is getting the educational system to stop use CSTEM instead of STEM. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; however, MathBabbler believes Computing is overly minimized in the STEM acronym and he wants it to become CSTEM (where 'C' stands for Computing).

The primary reason as to why STEM has become so critical in the 21st century thanks to high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

Paul Luna is the Chairman of the Board for "Expect More Arizona," which is a non-profit organziation that believes Arizona should raise its "educational standards from early learning right on through college."

   "We know that when we compare our students across the world 
    that math and science, in particular, are areas where we 
    can improve. And we know how important math and science 
    are to the basis of the education foundation in the future, 
    especially for the types of jobs that we would want for the 
    Arizona economy." -- Paul Luna, Expect More Arizona

It's always math and science, math and science, math and science, but what about computing? In a nutshell, 21st century STEM is dependent on Computing.


This exercise uses the classic Wendy's commercial in which an old lady, while examing a non-Wendy's hamburger, wants to know Where's the beef?

   b, e, f  are variables and  beef = b * e * e * f

   let b=g^2np     (i.e. b = g^2 * n * p)
   let e=mr        (i.e. e = m * r)
   let f=aio       (i.e. f = a * i * o)

   Using the commutative property of multiplication
   one or more times, fill in the following blank.

   With respect to STEM... 

   "Where's the beef?" morphs into "Where's the _____________?"

   [the answer is a popular and important computing activity 
    that many people do professionally and for fun]

The following hyperlink was posted to the Export More Arizona Facebook on 15 September 2009. Math, More Science and Greater Student Success

I posted the following comment at 4:58am on 16 September 2009.

   I know I'm on the losing end with respect to this cause, 
   but STEM needs to become CSTEM because 21st century STEM 
   doesn't happen without Computing. Being able to use a 
   computer does not define computer literacy. Students 
   should have to learn at least one programming language 
   in order to graduate high school.

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