Smokey Bear Turned 65 on 9 August 2009

Nanofoo received the following tweet from @TheOnion on 25 August 2009.

   TheOnion Smokey The Bear Turns 65

Nanofoo sent the following reply to @TheOnion.

   nanofoo @TheOnion "Smokey The Bear Turns 65" I missed Smokey's b-day 
   so thanks for the info. But it's Smokey Bear (there is no "The").

From (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources): "On August 9, 1944, the first poster of Smokey Bear was prepared."

RoadHacker::Picture::Smokey Bear With Artie Artichoke in Morenci, Arizona
[Smokey Bear: "Only you can prevent forest fires." Artie Artichoke: "Learn. Grow. Achieve."]

  1. 65 is a bi-prime (i.e. it has only two prime factors) and they are 5 and ______.

  2. 65 years equals _____ score and ______ years of age. [1 score = 20]

  3. Smokey Bear will turn 100 years of age in the year _______.

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Created: 25 August 2009

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