Winter-December to Winter-January Transition

28 BABs were rolled over from Winter 2008-December Break to Winter 2009-January Break. [Note: This number is unchanged from the last rollover--fall 2008 to winter-December 2008.]

During Winter 2008-December, 25 BABs were posted which was a BABbling rate of 2.27 BABs per day.

5 of the 25 BABs created during Winter 2008-December Break were BARS (Basic Arithmetic Road Signs).

There were 1997 BABs at the start of Winter 2009-January Break. (513 BARS, 111 AlgeBABs, 97 nBABs).

The MathBabbler blog ended 2008 with 343 postings.

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Created: 01 January 2009

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