New MBNA Program--Number to Roman Numeral Converter

MathBabbler got tired of converting numbers into Roman numerals and then using a website to check if he converted the numbers correctly; consequently, he wrote a C++ program to do the conversion and added that program to the MBNA (MathBabbler Number Analyst).

GDT::Math::MBNA::RomanNumeral C++ source code

"Lazy Cows Don't Moo" is a phrase that can be used to help remember the following: L < C < D < M. It is more difficult to remember the following: L=50 C=100 D=500 M=1000.

  1. 2012 written as a Roman numeral is _____________.

  2. XXIV written as an integer is _________.

  3. LCDM + DIV + MIX = _______

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 22 December 2008 (posted 26 December 2008)

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