Valley Metro Light-Rail Starts Today (2008.12.27)

Valley Metro light-rail runs 20 miles from central Phoenix to west Mesa (19th Avenue and Montebello in Phoenix to Sycamore and Main Street in Mesa). The light-rail cost $1.4 billion to build.

   Adult fares -- ages [19, 64]
   one-ride   1-day pass   3-day pass   7-day pass    31-day pass
   $1.25      $2.50        $7.50        $17.50        $45
  1. If an adult rides the light-rail twice a day for 20 days, then would they be better off buying 20 one-day passes or one 31-day pass? _____________________

  2. 1.4 billion written in scientific notation is _____________________.

  3. The light-rail cost approximately $________ per mile to build.

  4. There are eight park-and-ride locations offering a total of 3,513 parking spaces. In other words, on average, each park-and-ride location has ______________ parking spaces. [round down to nearest whole space]

  5. There are 3,513 park-and-ride parking spaces with 300 (or ______%) of them located at the McClintock Road/Apache Boulevard park-and-ride.

  6. [Algebra] Define (i.e. write a symbolic rule) for a linear function that models the adult one-day light-rail fare. ____________________

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Created: 27 December 2008

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