World-Wide PC Usage Hits One Billion

On 23 June 2008, Gartner Inc. reported that the "number of personal computers in use worldwide has crossed the one billion mark." The number is expected to grow at almost 12% annually and Gartner predicts there will be "more than 2 billion PCs in use by early 2014."

   f(x) = 10^9(1.12)^x  PCs

      x:  years since mid-2008
   f(x):  number of PCs in use world-wide at mid-2008 + x
  1. f(0) = _________________________

  2. Briefly explain what the difference between f(3) and f(1) means.

  3. Assuming a constant growth rate of 12% until the year 2038, PC usage will hit 3,141,159,265 during year _________.

  4. If the growth rate in world-wide PC usage from mid-2007 to mid-2008 was 12%, then there were approximately ______________________ PCs in use world-wide during mid-2007.

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Created: 23 June 2008

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