Not a Record--85 Hours On a Stationary Bike

The headline GDT read was "Stationary biking record fails Guinness's math test" and it started with the sentence: "Errors in simple arithmetic got in the way of an attempt to get into the record books." The rest of the report indicated there was some sloppy record-keeping, but it didn't highlight the arithmetic errors.

The following was copied from the 6 May 2007 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times.

   "In January, George Hood mounted a stationary bike in a 
    Burr Ridge health club and pedaled for 85 consecutive 
    hours. He covered 1,082 miles, slept a total of 40 minutes 
    and didn't eat a bite of solid food. When he passed the world 
    record of 82 hours, Hood [age 49] pumped his fist in the air, 
    confident of his place in the Guinness World Records."

Hood's bike ride was not a record due to "errors in the logbook that documented his ride. Guinness officials found inconsistencies with the recording of his rest breaks. About 40 volunteers took turns logging Hood's efforts, but the group made addition and subtraction mistakes and had problems reading military time."

Hood is going to try for the record again when he hopes to bike ride for "101 consecutive hours July 10" to "raise at least $30,000 to benefit disabled children."

  1. 85 hours is approximately ______ day(s) and _______ minutes.

  2. 1,082 miles in 85 hours is ____________ miles per hour. [round to the nearest hundredth]

  3. If Hood raises $30,000 by riding a stationary bike for 101 hours, that works out to be about $________ per hour. [round to nearest cent]

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Created: 07 May 2007

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