Perfect Attendance Artie Artichoke Cost Function (PAAACF)

Perfect Attendance Artie Artichoke Cost Function (PAAACF) calculates the cost of Artie Artichoke dolls used to reward students having perfect attendance. Each little Artie Artichoke doll costs $3.50.

   f(n) = 3.50(n) USD      note: USD is U.S. Dollar

   'n' is the input and it represents the number of students 
       that have perfect attendance.

   f(n) is the output and it is the cost for buying 'n' 
        little Artie dolls.

             domain:  all real numbers 
   practical domain:  0 ≤ n ≤ max_class_size, where 'n' is an integer

              range:  all real numbers
    practical range:  0 ≤ f(n) ≤ (3.50 x max_class_size)

The cost of the little Artie dolls depends on (is a function of) the number of students having perfect attendance.

  1. Briefly explain why the PAAACF is indeed a function.

  2. Briefly explain why the domain and practical domain for the PAAACF are different.

  3. Briefly explain why the input to the PAAACF is restricted integers only.

  4. No or Yes: The PAAACF is a linear function.

  5. The average rate of change for the PAAACF is ________.

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Created: 01 May 2007

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