French Train Breaks Rail Speed Record

On 3 April 2007, the 25,000-horsepowered French TGV ("train a grande vitesse") hit 574.8 kph breaking the world speed record for conventional rail trains. The previous record was 515.3 kph set in 1990. The fastest train speed record of 580.9 kph belongs to Japan's "magnetically levitated train."

Note: KPH is Kilometer Per Hour. One kilometer equals 0.621371192 miles. MPH is Miles Per Hour.

  1. 574.8 kph equals ________ mph.

  2. The speed record set on 3 April 2007 exceed the previous speed record from 1990 by ______%.

  3. 574.8 kph is _______% less than 580.9 kph.

  4. Once the TGV hits and maintains its record speed, it could travel 100 kilometers in _____ hours, _____ minutes and ______ seconds.

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Created: 05 April 2007

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