Headline Says: Mayor is 1/100th of an Ironman, But is He?

On 13 April 2007, the Arizona Republic reported that Tempe mayor, Hugh Hallman, is 1/100th of an ironman.

   "Instead of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile 
    run, the mayor's challenge is a 24-yard swim in Tempe Town Lake, 
    a 1.12-mile bike ride and 0.26-mile run."

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  1. If Mayor Hallman is 1/100th of an ironman, then he is _____% of an ironman.

  2. Assume Mayor Hallman is 1/100th of an ironman. No or Yes: Hallman is 10-2 of an ironman.

  3. One mile equals 1760 yards. Ironmen swim 2.4 miles, which is 4224 yards. No or Yes: 1/100th of 2.4 miles is 24 yards.

  4. 1/100th of 26.2 miles equals 0.262 mile. With respect to running, participants in the mini-ironman event should have ran an additional _______ yards.

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