The Cost of Spam (Not SPAM)

Nucleus Research published results from a survey-based study stating that spam (i.e. junk email) costs U.S. businesses "$712 per employee per year, or $71 billion annually."

Survey results were based on a $30-per-hour pay rate, a 2,080-hour work year, 100,249,046 U.S. email-using workers, and that email users spend 16 seconds on average processing a spam email message. On average a worker receives 21 spam email messages per day.

  1. No or Yes: On average, a worker spends less than five minutes per day processing spam.

  2. Explain how the figure 2,080-hour work year could have been calculated.

  3. Given 60 seconds per minute, 16 seconds is of a minute.

  4. Including spam costs, the $30 per hour pay rate net pay rate is $_________ per hour.

  5. Speaking of SPAM (i.e. Hormel's food product)... SPAM was "born" in 1937; therefore, SPAM has been around for _______ centuries and ________ decades and _______ years.

  6. A 12 ounce can of Hormel's SPAM cost about $2.39, or approximately a unit cost of $________ per ounce.

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