Arizona Governor's P-20 Council--Essential Math Skills

On 27 April 02007, GDT attended a meeting to discuss what the Arizona governor's P-20 council is doing with respect to mathematics. P-20 represents pre-kindergarten to 20th grade. (Years ago GDT adopted the phrase pre-K to Infinity to replace K-12.) The P-20 council is working on establishing "standards" that will prepare K-12 students to be both college and workforce ready. The goal is to have these standards in place by 02012, which will be the start of the high-school for kids currently in 3rd grade. 02016 will be the first group of students who graduate the governor's P-20 initiative.

               +--------+   |--> ready for 21st century college
   student --> | system | --|
               +--------+   |--> ready for 21st century workforce

   Student enters the educational system (pre-kindergarten) and
   comes out prepared for either college or the workforce.

GDT's belief: Without blowing up the existing K-12 system, which GDT doesn't think is being considered, P-20 is probably nothing more than mental gymnastics for today's batch of educators (i.e. people who work in the education industry).

The P-20 meeting was held in downtown Phoenix and the following BARS were discovered while driving to/from the meeting from GDT's Tempe home.

  1. [to] Pi and Phi 7th St. Exit on I-17 North in Phoenix, Arizona [29 April 2007]
  2. [from] University Dr. Exit on I-10 East in Phoenix, Arizona [29 April 2007]
  3. [from] 40 St. Exit on I-10 East in Phoenix, Arizona [29 April 2007]
  4. [from] Exit 153 on I-10 East in Tempe, Arizona [29 April 2007]
  5. [from] Broadway Curve on I-10 East in Tempe, Arizona [29 April 2007]

Note: GDT left Tempe about 1:00pm and the approximate 16 mile drive to 8th Ave. and Adams took about 25 minutes. On the drive home, GDT left Phoenix at about 4:40pm arriving home at about 5:45pm.


This was the 200th BAB for the Spring 2007 semester (and BAB 962 overall).

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