Speed of Light--Almost One Foot Per Nanosecond

The speed of light (c) approximates one foot per nanosecond.

   google:  speed of light ...or... c
   the speed of light = 299 792 458 m / s

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   google:  speed of light to ft per second ...or ... c to ft per sec
   the speed of light = 983 571 056 feet per second

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   google:  983571056 x 10^-9
   983 571 056 x (10^(-9)) = 0.983571056

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The nano- prefix implies one-billionth of something; therefore, one nanosecond is one-billionth of a second.

   983,571,056 ft     1 second        983,571,056 ft
    -------------- x ------------- =  ---------------- = 0.983571056 ft
      1 second      1,000,000,000     1,000,000,000

   The 'second' unit in the denominator of the left-hand fraction and
   the 'second' unit in the numerator of the right-hand fraction cancel
   each other leaving the answer in terms of feet (or faction of a foot).

0.983571056 foot is approximately 1.643% shorter than one foot. With respect to inches, light travels at a speed of about 11.802852672 inches per nanosecond.

   google: speed of light to in per second
   the speed of light = 1.18028527 x 10^10 in per second

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   google: 1.18028527 x 10^10 x 10^-9
   1.18028527 x (10^10) x (10^(-9)) = 11.8028527

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In a nanosecond, light travels about two-tenths of an inch short of a foot.

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