March 2007 Jobless Rate and Salaries

GDT is not going to start BABbling about the job rate; however, the March jobs rate was published immediately after we were tested on percents and this BAB provided an opportunity for review.

   "U.S. unemployment rate was a seasonally adjusted 4.4% 
    in March, down from 4.5% in February and matching the 
    more than five-year-low hit in October, the Labor Department 
    said. Employers added 180,000 jobs last month, up from 113,000 
    in February and the largest gain since December."

The Labor Department reported that "average hourly earnings were up 4% in March [2007] from a year ago."

  1. The number of new jobs added during March of 2007 were _______% higher than the number of new jobs added during February of 2007.

  2. If Zelmo was making $12.21 per hour during March of 2006 and his salary was increased by four percent, then Zelmo was making $_______ during March of 2007.

  3. During March of 2007, ________ out of every 1,000 workers were unemployed.

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Created: 08 April 2007

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