Arizona Governor Signs H.B. 2457

On 18 April 2007, the Maricopa Community Colleges issued a press release that started with the following.

   "Governor Janet Napolitano has signed HB 2457 into law. The new 
    law provides that the state, a county, a city or town or any 
    other political subdivision of this state cannot prohibit a 
    peace officer from carrying a firearm."

   "The Maricopa Community College District, a political subdivision 
    of the State of Arizona, is actively taking steps to comply with 
    the new law."

Finding out information about H.B. 2457 was non-trivial. It appears the House re-uses numbers of failed bills because I found H.B. 2457 that was titled: "sexual acts against minors; limitation." The H.B. 2457 signed by the governor was titled "firearms; peace officers."

  1. List the prime factors for 2457.

  2. No or Yes: 2457 is not an even number.

  3. 2457 = 4 x 10^2 + 2 x 10^___ + 7 x 10^___ + 5 x 10^1

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Created: 19 April 2007

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