Arizona's New Quarter Coming in 2008

The Arizona quarter will be minted in May of 2008. Arizona State Quarter

Note: One U.S. quarter equals 25 U.S. pennies and 100 U.S. pennies equals one U.S. dollar (USD). U.S. Dollar to Mexican Pesa Exchange Rate

  1. No or Yes: The quarter coin is worth one-fourth of a USD.

  2. The quarter coin is ________% of $1.00.

  3. If it was possible to raise a nickel coin to a power, then one quarter coin would equal a nickel raised to the power of _______.

  4. On 11 April 2007, one USD ($1) was worth approximately 10.9747 MXN (Mexican pesos; Mex$); therefore, one U.S. quarter was worth about __________ MXN. [record answer to nearest ten thousandth]


The Arizona state quarter has been selected.


Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 10 April 2007