Within One Degree of Absolute Zero

Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature. It is defined to be 0 K on the Kelvin scale, -273.15°C on the Celsius scale and -459.67°F on the Fahrenheit scale.

   "Members of an international team say they have managed to 
    cool a dime-sized mirror to within one degree of absolute 
    zero, the lowest laser-induced freeze yet achieved with a 
    visible object."

Temperature conversion formulas.

   Celsius to Fahrenheit...  °F = °C ⋅ 9/5 + 32
   Kelvin to Fahrenheit....  °F = K ⋅ 9/5 - 459.67
  1. -273.15°C equals _________°F.

  2. On 12 April 2007, the temperature in Phoenix, Arizona, fell from 76°F around 4:00pm to 55°F around 7:00pm; in other words, the temperture fell ________°C.

  3. 76°F equals _________ K.

  4. The  |0|  equals _________.

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