Hiking Trails at San Tan Mountain Regional Park

The San Tan Mountain Regional Park has three established hiking trails. { signs}

   Trail Name        One-way Length
                     Mi      Km
   Goldmine (GM)     2.5     4.1
   Moonlight (ML)    1.2     2.0
   San Tan (SA)      3.2     5.1

   The following combinations make loops:
   GM + ML         SA + ML        SA + GM

San Tan Mountain Regional Park was 33 miles from Guadalupe Road and Loop 101 in Tempe.

  1. Draw a not-to-scale "map" of the trails at San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

  2. TempeHiker hiked the GM and ML; therefore, he hiked a total of ________ miles.

  3. Using the information in this BAB, one mile is equivalent to ________ kilometer.

  4. The loop formed by the San Tan (SA) and Moonlight (ML) trails totals ______ miles.

  5. If a hiker hikes the ML followed by the SA followed by the GM followed again by the ML, the hiker will hike a total of _______ miles.

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Created: 11 March 2007

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