Protecting the Blue Butterflies at Sand Mountain, Nevada

Parts of Sand Mountain Recreation Area in western Nevadad have been closed to help protect "blue butterflies."

Sand Mountain is one of the largest sand dunes in the West and the closure affects about six square miles of the dunes. The shrubs at the dunes are the only known home of the "blue butterfly."

The dunes are 600 feet tall and stretch for two miles. Their 200 miles of trails "attract an estimated 50,000 off-roaders annually."

Despite the closures, "some conservationists said that even with 80 percent of the dunes closed, there still will be too much intrusion and that more protection is warranted."

  1. Closing 80% of the dunes would leave approximately _________ square miles open.

  2. If the dunes were a square, then the length of one side would be _______ miles.

  3. Rounded to the nearest thousandth, the dunes are _____________ mile in height. [1 feet = 0.0001894 mile]

  4. Given there are 365.24 days per year, approximately ______________ off-roaders visit Sand Mountain during the span of a decade (i.e. 10 years).

RoadHacker Nanofoo

Sand Mountain is located along US Hwy-50 in Nevada. US Hwy-50 across Nevada is considered the loneliest road in America. The loneliest phone, which does work, is located at the entrance to Sand Mountain. It was on this road trip that we got stuck at Black Rock desert.

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