RIAA Sends Letters To ASU (and Other College Students)

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) wants to stop college students from using school networks to download copyrighted materials.

   [source: RIAA.org]

   "The RIAA, on behalf of the major record companies, sent 400 
    pre-litigation settlement letters to 13 different universities. 
    Each letter informs the school of a forthcoming copyright 
    infringement lawsuit against one of its students or personnel. 
    The RIAA will request that universities forward those letters 
    to the appropriate network user. Under this new approach, a 
    student (or other network user) can settle the record company 
    claims against him or her at a discounted rate before a lawsuit 
    is ever filed."

   [source: RIAA.org]

   University/College                     # Letters
   Arizona State University                   23 
   Marshall University                        20
   North Carolina State University            37
   North Dakota State University              20
   Northern Illinois University               28
   Ohio University                            50
   Syracuse University                        37 
   University of Massachusetts - Amherst      37 
   University of Nebraska - Lincoln           36 
   University of South Florida                31
   University of Southern California          20
   University of Tennessee - Knoxville        28
   University of Texas - Austin               33
  1. On average, the RIAA sent _________ letters per university.

  2. ASU students received ______% of the 400 letters sent out by the RIAA.

  3. ASU's 2006 enrollment was 63,278 students. Approximately ______% of ASU students received a letter from the RIAA.

  4. Complete the following exercises using the aforementioned "# Letters" data.

  5. The mean number of letters sent was ________.

  6. The median number of letters sent was ________.

  7. The mode number of letters sent was ________.

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