New Horizons Pluto Probe Gets Boost From Jupiter

On 28 February 2007, the New Horizons spacecraft "went past" the planet Jupiter received a "gravity assist" that cut three years off of was potentially a twelve year voyage. The phrase "went past" was quoted because the closest New Horizons got to Jupiter was 1.4 million miles. Jupiter's gravity assist boosted New Horizon's speed by 9,000 mph to 52,000 mph.

New Horizons is the seventh spacecraft to get near Jupiter. It has travelled about 500-million miles of its 3-billion mile voyage. The spacecraft was launched in 19 January 2006 and it is expected to reach Pluto on 14 July 2015.

New Horizons is powered by the "slow decay of radioactive plutonium pellets."

  1. 1.4 million is one million plus _______________.

  2. Jupiter's "gravity assist" boosted New Horizons' speed by _________ mph.

  3. New Horizons is about ________% miles into its voyage.

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