My Two Cents Less a Nickel

Time and time again GDT sees somebody end a comment (or the sharing of information) with "that's my two cents." The other day somebody on the Phoenix Linux Users Group mailing-list ended a comment with the following.

   "My two cents, and probably worth a nickel less than that."

In other words, the poster assigned a negative value to their posting. Does the poster owe us three cents for reading their comment?

GDT has encountered numerous postings valued at two cents by posters for which he would have happily paid a nickel.

  1. The nickel is composed of 75% Cu and 25% Ni. The ratio of copper-to-nickel in a nickel is _______:_______.

  2. The nickel is a unit of currency equaling one-_____________ieth, or five ______________ths, of a USD (U.S. Dollar).

  3. A nickel is ______% greater than two cents. [1 nickel = 5 cent]

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GDT has created BABs for gold and zinc, but not nickel. The following was copied from "Nickel prices hit another record high yesterday, securing the metal's position as the best-performing commodity so far this year. Nickel for delivery in three months climbed to $42,200 (U.S.) a tonne -- $19.14 a pound -- on the London Metal Exchange." Note: "yesterday" was Wednesday, 28 February 2007.

What is nickel? [Wikipedia] Nickel is a " silvery white metal that takes on a high polish. It persists in air and is inert to oxidation."

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Created: 27 February 2007

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