Maricopa County Not the Fastest Growing County

Florida's Flagler County was the fastest growing county in the U.S. during the 12 months ended July 1, 2005. Flagler's population grew 10.1% to 76,410 people. The 10.1% equated to 7,394 people.

Arizona's Maricopa County saw the largest increase in people with 137,000 new residents. Maricopa County's population grew 3.9% to 3,635,528 people.

Arizona's Pinal County (county seat is Florence) was the 7th fastest growing county with a 6.9% population increase. Mohave County (county seat is Kingman) grew by 4.3% and Yavapai County's (county seat is Prescott) population increased 4.2%.

  1. Maricopa County's 1 July 2004 population was ____________________ people.

  2. Maricopa County's 1 July 2005 population written in scientific notation was ___________________ people.

  3. Between 1 July 2004 and 1 July 2005, Pinal County's population increased by 14,845 people to 229,549 people. The percentage increase rounded to the nearest thousandth was _________%.

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GDT posted the following comment to's Phoenix related "Plugged In" blog.

   Comment from: Gerald8100

   03/26/07 @ 14:09
   Deanne wrote: "Per the latest U.S. census, Maricopa is the 
                  fastest growing county in the country!"

   Flagler County in Florida is the fastest growing county in the 
   U.S. Maricopa had the largest increase in people, but from a 
   percentage perspective, Pinal County's 6.9% population increase 
   was greater than Maricopa's 3.9% growth rate. Mohave and Yavapai 
   counties both grew at slightly higher rates than Maricopa.

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