eDiets.com 4th-Quarter Loss Totals $0.01 Per Share

eDiets.com lost $209,000, or a penny per share, during its 2006 4th-quarter. 4th-quarter revenue fell 19 percent to $9.5 million, from $11.8 million in the prior-year period.

DIET were priced at $2.82 per share prior to the release of earnings. After the release, DIET ended up closing at $3.00 per share. Trading volume was 237,673 shares versus a trailing three-month average trading volume of 102,407 shares.

  1. During the 2007 4th-quarter, eDiets.com had approximately _____________________ outstanding shares.

  2. Confirm that 4th-quarter revenues did fall 19% compared to the prior year's 4th-quarter.

  3. On the day 4th-quarter results were released, trading volume was ______% higher than the trailing three-month volume average. [record answer to nearest hundredth]

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Created: 21 March 2007

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