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Tom Duff is a Canadian born computer programmer that is 99% nerd (at least according to In other words, only 1% of the world's population is nerdier than Duff.

How many seconds are there in a year? If I tell you there are 3.155 x 10^7, you won't even try to remember it. On the other hand, who could forget that, to within half a percent, Pi seconds is a nanocentury.
-- Tom Duff (01952-?????) { computer programmer and 99% nerd; more... } [Pi]

The following information should be used to do this BAB's exercises.

   86,400 seconds per day
   365.24 days per year
   100 years per century
  1. No or Yes. Truncated to three decimal places, Duff was correct when he said are 3.155 x 10^7 seconds per year.

  2. Using Duff's seconds per year value, there are _________ x 10^____ seconds per century.

  3. Explain why, within a half percent, Pi seconds is a nanocentury.

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