Arizona Universities Increasing Student Fees

During late-2006, Arizona universities submitted proposed tuition rate increases; ASU Tempe, NAU Flagstaff and UA Main requested increases of 9.3%, 8.4% and 7.7%, respectively. The Arizona Board of Regents said "no" to the requested increases; instead, it allowed all Arizona universities to increase tuitions by 5%.

Tuition is tuition; college students also have to pay "fees." Universities must be given the okay by the Arizona Board of Regents before they modify certain "student fees" and the Board is allowing some "fees" to be increased. The front-page of the 9 March 2007 Arizona Republic had a report titled as follows.

   Arizona Republic, page A1 (front-page), 9 March 2007
   "Regents hikes fees at state's 3 universities"
   "Total tuition, other costs will increase up to 6.5%"

If additional "fees" (the Republic called them "other costs") are summed with the 5% increased tuition rates, "tuition + fees" component a student's cost of education will increase 6% to 6.5%.

The Republic used ASU for an example. ASU has implemented a new "technology fee" of $50 per student. The Republic reported that ASU wanted the "technology fee" to be $100.

The following were tuition and "fees" for academic year 2006-2007 at the Tempe and Downtown campuses. If less than seven credits, then resident undergraduate tuition is $240 per credit; otherwise, tuition is $2,296. "Fees:" $23 for financial aid trust; $1 for association students of AZ; $25 for student recreation complex. Total cost: $2,345. Tuition and Fees Schedules

  1. Explain how the $2,345 total cost was obtained. [see last paragraph]

  2. An ASU student that takes 12 credits will pay an average tuition rate, excluding "fees," of $_______ per credit.

  3. ASU got ______% of its desired "technology fee."

  4. Increasing "fees" by the "technology fee" results in a ______% increase in "fees."

  5. The tuition and "fees" for taking one 3-credit course at ASU-Tempe during the 2006-07 academic school year, at a minimum, was $__________. [Minimum is used because there can be additional "fees" depending on the course and the campus.]

  6. According to the Republic, ASU charges a 2.75% service charge if tuitions are paid using either a credit or debit card. 2.75% of $2,345 is approximately $_______.

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