Arizona Governor Proposes Budget for Fiscal Year 2008

Janet Napolitano, Arizona's governor, has three areas of emphasis for Arizona: "Education, Foundation and Innovation." The details of "The Executive Budget" for fiscal years 2008 and 2009 are contained in a 464 page Microsoft Word document.

Janet says...

   "Every item I have mentioned today--every initiative, every 
    plan--can be accomplished without raising taxes one thin dime."

What's a "thin" dime?

Janet says...

   "I guess you could say that K-12 students and universities 
    were the big winners here."

What does it mean for her to be "guess"ing? and How is "big" defined?

   "An increased investment of $383 million in K-12 and $115 
    million in advanced education. Those figures include $50 
    million to raise the minimum base salary to $33,000 per 
    year for teachers statewide; $15.5 million for math and 
    science education; $6.3 million for the Arizona Financial 
    Aid Trust to provide financial aid to Arizona students; 
    $25 million for the downtown biomedical campus in Phoenix; 
    and $30 million to recruit and retain excellent faculty at 
    Arizona' three state universities."

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