Great Arizona Beer Festival in Tempe

Tickets to the Great Arizona Beer Festival (GABF) are $35 in advance and $40 at the gate. GABF proceeds "benefit Sun Sounds of Arizona, a reading and information-access service for people who are blind, or who cannot read because of a disability."

GDT bought his ticket in advance and attended the GABF on 11 March 2007. GDT drank approximately 14 four-ounce shots of beer.

  1. Expressed as a mixed number with reduced fractional part, GDT drank the equivalent of ___________ 12-ounce bottles of beer.

  2. GDT was at the Great American Beer Festival for three hours; therefore, his unit cost, rounded to the nearest cent, of attending was $_________ per _______.

  3. GDT took a Valley Metro bus to/from the GABF. The round-trip cost $2.50. The one-way bus fare was ______ dollar(s) and _______ cent(s).

  4. Homer bought twenty GABF tickets in advance (i.e. he paid $35 per ticket). Outside the event area he sold all of his tickets for an average price of $37.62 per ticket. Homer's profit was $___________.

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Created: 12 March 2007

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