It Depends On How We Define 'A Lot'

On 28 March 2007 the Arizona Republic's editorial was titled "Flawed law needs fixing" with the issue being "English education in schools." In their editorial the Republic wrote the following.

   "About 135,000 children of the states 1.06 million K-12 
    students were not proficient in English last year, 
    according to the state Department of Education. The
    count reached as high as 160,000 in previous years.
    We're talking about a lot of children."

The phrase "a lot" is subjective.

The following AIMS test related information was obtained from bar graphs published in a 31-page dot-pdf titled School Report Cards: State Report 2005-06.

   = Math: all students 2006 =
   grade          % proficient
     10               62
      8               58
      5               68
      3               71

Some casual observations... In 10th grade, about 64% of females were proficient in math versus 60% of males. Also in the 10th grade, 20% of student categorized as "limited English proficient" were proficient in math.

  1. 135,000 is _______% of 1.06 million. [record answer to nearest tenth]

  2. 135,000 is a _______% decrease from 160,000. [record answer to nearest tenth]

  3. In 2006, taking into consideration all students, approximately ______ out of every 100 students were proficient in math.

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