99 Degrees on 16 March 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, Sets a Record

On 16 March 2007, the temperature in Phoenix, Arizona, hit 99°F It was the earliest date the temperature was above 95°F since 1921. The 99°F was 23°F above normal. 16 March 2007 was the hottest winter day in the history of Phoenix. It is usually mid-April before Phoenix has 95°F days.

  1. The "normal" high-temperature in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 16th is _______°F.

  2. The record high-temperature set on 16 March 2007 broke a record that was _______ years old.

  3. The temperature on 16 March 2007 was _______% above "normal."

  4. List the prime factors for number 99.

  5. No or Yes: 99°F ~= 37.222°C     [help: °C = (5/9)*(°F - 32)]

  6. The Wikipedia said that 99 is "the sum of the sums of divisors of the first eleven integers." GDT edited the Wikipedia 99 (number) entry to say 99 is "the sum of the sums of divisors of the first eleven positive integers." Show that GDT's Wikipedia edit is correct and explain why he inserted the word positive in front of the word integer.

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GDT edited the Wikipedia's 99 (number) entry to include a hyperlink to the Wikipedia's 99 Bottles of Beer entry.

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