YouTube Founders Want GOOG To Go Up, Up and Up

During October of 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion stock-for-stock transaction. Google reported the following in a SEC regulatory filing on 7 February 2007.

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   co-founder    Chad Hurley (CEO)    694,087 shares 
   co-founder    Steve Chen           625,366 shares directly owned 
                                      and another 68,721 shares held 
                                      in a trust
   sole VC       Sequoia Capital      $442 million in stock*
   co-founder    Jawed Karim          $64.6 million in stock*
                                      [Karim is now at Stanford]

   * based on a 2/7/2007 GOOG closing price of $470.01

The three co-founders of YouTube met while they were working for PayPal. [Note: PayPal is now an eBay company.]

  1. No or Yes: Hurley received more GOOG shares than Chen.

  2. Based on the 2/7/2007 GOOG closing price, Hurley's GOOG investment was worth $___________________.

  3. Based on the 2/7/2007 GOOG closing price, Sequoia Capital received approximately ____________________ GOOG shares.

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