Yahoo! Founders Gives Back To Stanford

Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!, and his wife, Akiko Yamazaki, are donating $75 million to Stanford University.

The AP (Associated Press) reported that "Stanford plans to use $50 million of the donation for a new environmental studies center it hopes to finish by December, and $5 million for a 120,000-square-foot center for training doctors. It hasn't decided yet how to spend the rest."

  1. Jerry Yang was born on 6 November 1968 making him _______ years in age.

  2. Jerry Yang and David Filo co-created the Yahoo! website in 1994 making it _______ years in age.

  3. Stanford University still needs to decide how to spend $_________________ of Yang's gift.

  4. _______% of Yang's gift has been allocated toward a new Environmental Studies Center at Stanford.

  5. The $5 million allocated for the new doctor training center works out to be $__________ per square foot.

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Created: 17 February 2007

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