Vinton Cerf Speaks About the Internet Growing

Vinton Cerf, co-creator of the Internet and currently an Internet Evangelist at Google, believes Internet usage is going to exceed telephone usage.

   "Internet reaches only a sixth of the world population now, 
    and the falling prices of devices like Internet-enabled 
    handsets will help increase that number."

Cerf pointed out that today's Internet user base is approximately one-sixth of the total world population of 6,577,821,998.

   "Cerf contrasted the number of Internet users globally--
    1.1 billion--with the number of mobile phone users--
    2.5 billion. Mobile subscriptions are growing rapidly 
    in countries like India and China. India, the world's 
    fastest-growing mobile market, adds close to 6 million 
    users every month and has very low mobile market penetration 
    rates, about 13%."
  1. Explain why Cerf said the Internet's user base is approximately one-sixth of the world's population.

  2. No or Yes: The number of mobile phone users is more than double the number of Internet users.

  3. The world population at the time this BAB was created was 6,577,821,998.

  4. The digit ______ is in the ten millions place.

  5. The world population rounded to the nearest million written in scientific notation is ______________.

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