Proposed U.S. 2008 Fiscal Budget: $2.9 Trillion

President Bush proposed a $2.9 trillion budget for fiscal year 2008 (1 Oct 2007-30 Sep 2008).

The Bush budget allocates $623 billion for defense and that figure includes $142 billion for wars-in-progress. A politician was quoted saying: "The sums involved in the defense budget requests are staggering."

The Bush budget increases spending on "basic science research" by $4.4 billion.

The Bush budget raises the maximum Pell grant to $5,400 from $4,050 over five years. Pell grants have not been increased since 2003. To offset costs, interest-rate subsidies to private lenders will be reduced by "half a percentage point" saving the government an estimated $12.4 billion over five years.

  1. 2.9 trillion written as a whole number is _____________________.

  2. A "half a percentage point" written as a numeric percent is ________%.

  3. Monies budgeted for "basic science research" represent _______% of the total budget.

  4. As of 5 February 2007, the U.S. population approximated 301,105,525 people. The Bush budget for fiscal year 2008 works out to be approximately $________ per U.S. resident.

  5. 8% of the Bush budget is for paying interest on existing debt. Interest payments will total approximately $___________________ during the next fiscal year.

  6. 301,105,525 written in English is _________________.

More... About Pell Grants

Pell grants covered only 33% of the average cost of tuition, fees, room and board at a public college or university in 2005-06, down from 42% in 2001-02, according to the College Board. Twenty years ago, the maximum Pell grant covered nearly 60% of that cost.


The Senate passed a "$2.9 trillion budget blueprint for fiscal 2008" by a 52 to 47 vote. There are 100 senators; therefore, it appears as though _______% of the senators voted. The number of "yes" votes exceeded the number of "no" votes by _______%.

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