Help Wanted Ad: Stand-in Beatings Mistress

The Internet is full of job postings including the opportunity to be a human punching bag.

   [source: Reuters via Yahoo! News at]

   "A Chinese businessman has advertised on the Internet for 
    a stand-in mistress to be beaten up by his wife to vent 
    her anger and to protect his real mistress."


   "The 'successful' candidate would be 35 and originally from 
    northeastern China and would be paid 3,000 yuan ($400) per 
    ten minutes."
  1. List everything you can about the number 35.
    [ Wikipedia 35 (number)]

  2. The "successful candidate" will earn an hourly rate of $________ per hour.

  3. ______ + ______ x ______ - ______ = 35

  4. Using the yuan to USD ratio given in the news report, one USD was worth _______ yuan.

  5. The Wikipedia says: "35 is the highest number one can count to on one's fingers using base 6." Explain.

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Created: 28 February 2007

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