Happy Birthday To Scottsdale?

EastValleyTribune.com reported that on 26 February 1888, Winfield Scott bought land that eventually became Scottsdale, Arizona. Scott died in 1910.


   "Scott made a down payment in 1888 of 50 cents an acre 
    for a section of land. That land became Scottsdale."

   "U.S. Army Chaplain, Winfield Scott, paid the paltry sum of 
    $2.50 an acre for a 640 acre stretch of land where the city 
    is now located. Winfield's brother, George Washington Scott, 
    was the first resident of the town that was then known as 
    Orangedale and later changed to Scottsdale in 1894."
  1. The difference between $2.50 and 50 cents is __________ cents.

  2. If 640 acres is purchased at a unit cost of $2.50 per acre, then the total cost for all the acres is ______________.

  3. Arizona became a state in 1912; therefore, Scottsdale was founded _______ years prior to Arizona's statehood.

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