Scottsdale Photo Radar Returns and Cameras Flash Away

At 12:01am on 22 February 2007, Scottsdale turned back on Loop 101 photo radar. Local news agencies reported that the cameras flashed 263 times during their first 12 hours of use.

  1. During the first 12 hours of operations, photo radar cameras flashed at a rate of ________ flashes per hour.

  2. It is difficult to speed during rush-hours; therefore, assuming there were zero flashes from 6:00am to 9:00am, the flash rate was _______ flashes per hour.

  3. Photo radar cameras don't flash unless a vehicle is going 11 miles over the posted speed limit of 65 miles per hour. The minimum flash speed is ______% over the posted speed limit.

  4. reported that the first day resulted in 547 flashes versus 504 flashes on the same day last year. The number 547 is _______% greater than the number 504.

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Created: 27 February 2007

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