Beware of Odometer Readings

The USA Today headline read: "Honda says odometers on 6M cars click off mileage at too-quick pace." 6M is six million.

The warranties on many cars expire when odometers hit a specific mileage.

USA Today reported the following.

   "The Society of Automotive Engineers' voluntary standard is 
    plus or minus 4%, or no more than 4 miles high or low in 
    every 100 miles."

   "Honda says its odometers were accurate to within 3.75% on the 
    high side and 1% on the low side, within the SAE standard."

   "I used to drive a Mazda, and it was 342 miles to Grandma's. 
    Now I have a Honda, and it's 352 miles."

Here is a final item from the USA Today posting: "Toyotas routinely register slightly fewer miles than actually driven. Detroit brands are generally perfect."

  1. Odometers that "click off mileage" too quickly mileage warranties.

  2. The odometer on Herb's car reads 76,420 miles and his odometer rolls up miles 2.0% too fast. Herb's actual car mileage is ___________ miles.

  3. Briefly explain one problem that could arise given an odometer that clicks off too slowly.

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