Meet Mr. Big at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

The Mr. Big tree is a Red Gum Eucalyptus at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park. Boyce Thompson is a couple miles west of Superior on US Hwy-60.

About Mr. Big...

   "This immense Red Gum Eucalyptus is 8 feet in diameter 
    and stands over 100 feet tall.  It was planted from a 
    sapling in the spring of 1926.

    Red Gums are extremely fast growing trees and can put on 
    6 to 10 feet of new growth per year when young.  Careful 
    consideration is warranted before planting this species 
    of Eucalyptus in a typical residential setting because 
    of its great size and aggressive root system."

What's a sapling? A sapling is usually a tree that is at least 4.5 feet tall and 2 to 4 inches in diameter.

  1. Mr. Big is either ______ or ______ years in age.

  2. When young, trees like Mr. Big grow at an average rate of _______ feet per year.

  3. [formula] Mr. Big's diameter (d) of 8 feet implies it has a circumference (C) of ____________ feet.
    [C = d * Pi, where Pi approximates 3.14]

  4. [formula] The average radius (r) of a sapling is _______ inches.
    [r = d / 2]

  5. [alegbra] No or Yes: Potential function...

       h(t) = 8(t) + 4.5 feet
       h(t) is the height of the tree (in feet) after 't' years
            (i.e. the height of the tree is a function of it age)
       If the answer to this exerise is "Yes," then does the
       h(t) function describe the growth of Mr. Big from its
       year of planting to the current year?

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Created: 02 February 2007

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