Heavy POT Usage During Chinese Lunar New Year

The following was reported by Reuters (Beijing) on 18 February 2007.

   "China's cellular operators estimate Chinese customers will 
    send around 14 billion Lunar New Year text messages on their 
    mobile phones during the week-long holiday."

   "During last year's new year holiday, Chinese sent 12.6 billion 
    short messages in 8 days, more than 30 messages for each of 
    the 400 million mobile phone subscribers."

   "The mainland now has more than 460 million mobile subscribers."

As of 20 February 2007 (5:30am MST), the U.S. population was approximately 301,213,972 people.

  1. The ratio of the number of text messages expected to be sent during the 2007 Lunar New Year to the number of U.S. residents is _______:_______.

  2. Over the last year, the number of mainland China mobile users has increased by _______________ subscribers.

  3. 14 billion messages sent by 460 million subscribers implies about ______________ messages per subscriber.

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Created: 20 February 2007

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