Joke... Mom, Dad and Son Do Well on Their Math Homework

The joke contained in this BAB was obtained from Teacher Tips Newsletter #346 received via email on 18 February 2007.

   "Two parents were actively involved in their child's education. 
    They gladly helped Truman, their fifth-grade son, whenever he 
    was stumped or needed help. One day after school, Truman ran 
    into the house waving a paper in the air. 'Hey, Mom, great news! 
    There were only three mistakes on my math homework,' he announced. 
    'You made one, Dad made one and I made one!'"
  1. If Truman's math homework had 10 problems, then the ratio of right-to-wrong answers was _____:_____.

  2. If Truman's math homework had 20 problems, then he got ______% of the problems correct.

  3. If Truman's math homework had 30 problems each worth 0.5 points, then he received ______ points for his homework.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 19 February 2007