Not All FLOSS is Good

What is FLOSS? FLOSS is Free/Libre and Open Source Software.

The following blurb by Charles Babcock at

   "There are 139,834 open source projects under way on 
    SourceForge, the popular open source hosting site. 
    Five years from now, only a handful of those projects 
    will be remembered for making lasting contributions--
    most will remain in niches, unnoticed by the rest of 
    the world. For every Linux, Apache, or MySQL, dozens 
    of other open source efforts fizzle out."
reminded GDT of a quote IBM's Thomas Watson made back in 1943...
   "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."

"Only a handful" implies five and that is all it can imply because nobody can hold open source projects in their hands.

  1. The odds of winning a "Lotto" style lottery are roughly 1:2,500,000,000. Fill in the blank: The odds of having an open source project that makes a "lasting contribution" is winning a "Lotto" style lottery.

  2. The odds of winning a "Lotto" style lottery written as a unit fraction is ___________________.

  3. If a "dozen" represents 12 open source projects, then there are approximately _________ dozens of open source projects on SourceForge.

  4. If a "dozen" is 12 and a "handful" is 5, then a handful of open source projects is ________% of a dozen.

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Created: 04 February 2007

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