YouTube... Email Habits Predicts Future Cat Ownership

There was a YouTube video titled: "The 'smiley' Intervention." The video used a math equation to establish a relationship between the way people write email messages and the number of cats they end up having when they get "old."

   The "Smiley" Intervention Equation

   # of :-)   x   # of LOLs
   ------------------------ = # cats in old age
   # of exclamation points

   Note: The octothorp character # means "number."
   e.g.  # of :-) reads "the number of :-)"
         # of LOLs reads "the number of LOLs"

The "Smiley" Intervention equation written is words: "The number of smiley faces times the number LOLs written without LOL divided-by the number of exclamation points used when periods would have sufficed equals the number of cats owned in later years of life."

  1. Briefly give one major defect (i.e. flaw) to the Smiley Intervention equation.

  2. No or Yes: The number of cats times the number of exclamation points equals the number of smiley faces times the number of LOLs.

  3. Complete the right-hand side of the following equation.

       # of :-)  =  ???
  4. GDT thinks the "# of exclamation points" should be a factor in the dividend rather than the divisor. List at least one alternative for the divisor.

       # :-)  x  # LOLs  +  # exclamation points
       ----------------------------------------- = # cats in old age
       # of ????????????????????????????????????

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Created: 14 February 2007

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