BABs Turn Two Years In Age

BABs are Basic Arithmetic Bits and the BAB motto is "learning about basic arithmetic a bit at a time."

The first BAB was created on 9 February 2005. This birthday BAB, created on 9 February 2007, was BAB number 825. The BAB creation rate is almost as if GDT believes the adage that a "BAB a day keeps the math tutor away."

Related BABs are grouped into collections. A BAB can belong to multiple collections and some BABs currently belong to zero collections. On 2/9/2007 there were the following 28 collections.

   listed in create date order (oldest-to-newest)
   210 BARS (Basic Arithmetic Road Signs)
       16 Prime Number Speed Limit Signs
       47 Prime Number Highway Signs
       17 Square Number Highway Signs
       22 Parking Signs
    6 Portfolio BABs
   96 Stock Market BABs
   16 Number BABs
   11 RFID BABs
   33 Finance and Cost of Living BABs
   13 BADs (Basic Arithmetic Dates)
   23 Pi BABs
   26 Google BABs
   12 High Performance Computing BABs
   13 Yahoo! BABs
   15 Currency and Currency Exchange BABs
   56 Records, Milestones and Oddity BABs
   18 Joke and Humor BABs
   18 Population BABs
   23 Food and Drink BABs
    6 China BABs
   13 Cost of Education BABs
    8 Litter BABs
   17 Consumer Price Index (CPI) BABs
   22 Salary, Wage, Pay BABs
   10 Hollywood BABs
    5 Producer Price Index (PPI) BABs
   11 Sports BABs
    4 Artie Artichoke BABs

Sorry Dylan... "May you stay forever BABbling."

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 09 February 2007

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