ASU Basketball Team Metaphorically Ready For Algebra I

The 18 February 2007 Sports section (page C10) of the Arizona Republic had a story about the ASU men's basketball team. The men Sun Devils are 0-14 in conference play (6-19 overall). The news article was about how the team has been competitive. For example, their last five losses have been by a total of 20 points. The team's current situation prompted head coach Herb Sendek to make the following comment.

   "Metaphorically speaking, we have a team that is ready,
    prepared to take Algebra I.  They're studying and working,
    working on Algebra I.  But then we take a test that includes
    questions from Algebra II and trigonometry. So, we haven't
    necessarily got the score that your parents want.  But that
    doesn't mean the effort hasn't been good, that the teaching
    hasn't been good and that progress isn't there."

Almost sounds like "teaching for the test."

  1. The men's ASU basketball team has lost their last five games by an average of ________ points per game.

  2. ASU's conference winning percentage is ________%.

  3. ASU's overall winning percentage is _______%.


On Sunday night, ASU won their first Pac 10 conference game beating USC. USC went into the game ranked 22nd nationally with a 9-4 conference record (19-7 overall). Metaphorically speaking, ASU had to answer some trig questions to beat USC.

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Created: 18 February 2007

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