18seconds.org Promotes ENERGY STAR CFL Usage

For GDT, the benefits derived from using CFL are difficult to believe, yet he is convinced that published benefit information is accurate. The following indented text was copied from the 18seconds.org website.

   "[...] one small action -- taking 18 seconds to change a 
    conventional incandescent bulb to an ENERGY STAR labeled 
    compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) -- can significantly 
    reduce environmental impact."


   "The 18seconds network is a broad group of companies, 
    government entities, non-governmental organizations, 
    religious groups, academic institutions and individuals 
    working together to educate Americans about the electric 
    cost-savings and environmental benefits of CFLs, which 
    require 1/3 the energy of traditional bulbs to provide 
    the same amount of light. According to the Environmental 
    Protection Agency, a member of the network, if every American 
    swapped just one bulb for an ENERGY STAR labeled CFL, it would 
    collectively save them more than $8 billion in energy costs, 
    prevent burning 30 billion pounds of coal, and keep two million 
    cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere."


   "Converting one conventional 60W bulb to a 13W ENERGY STAR labeled 
    CFL can save: $30 or more in electric costs over its lifetime; 
    five or more conventional bulbs from being produced, transported 
    and discarded in a landfill; 110 lbs. of coal from being burned; 
    and 450 lbs. of greenhouse gases from reaching the atmosphere. 
    The average home has more than 30 light fixtures, and since 
    ENERGY STAR labeled CFLs last an average of five to seven years, 
    that means even more potential savings."

The 18seconds.org website was built by Yahoo!

  1. 18 seconds is ______% of a minute. [record answer to nearest hundredth; 1 minute = 60 seconds]

  2. Zelmo changed five regular light-bulbs to CFL and, on average, it took him 18 seconds per bulb. In total, Zelmo spent ______ minute(s) and _______ second(s) of time changing his light-bulbs.

  3. 18seconds.org states: "ENERGY STAR labeled CFLs last an average of five to seven years." The average of the average ENERGY STAR CFL's life-span is ________ years.

  4. List the prime factors of 18.

  5. 18 equals 10 raised to the 1st power plus 2 raised to the _____ power.

  6. 18 seconds equals _______________ nanoseconds.

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